Seminar: Improving Lives Through Virtual Reality Therapy

By: Albert 'Skip' Rizzo, Wim Veling, Dana-Maria Faneker, Edward Miller, Stefan Vogelzang, Robert Overweg, Marijke Sjollema, Benno Brada, Theis Madsen, Mark van der Gaag
Company: University of Southern California, University of Groningen, CaptainVR,, ViemR, , The Dolphin Swim Club, The Dolphin Swim Club, CopenReality, VU University Amsterdam

This program is a half day seminar on impact VR has on psychological therapy and medical rehabilitation. Before the break we will start with a session called Advanced Medical Rehabilitation, after the break we continue with The Transformation of Psychological Therapy.

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Schrijfpaleis VR Special (Writers Room)

By: Barbara Lippe, Astrid Kahmke, Toby Coffey, Wendy Bernfeld,
Company: entreZ, Bayerisches Filmzentrum Geiselgasteig, National Theatre, Rights Stuff,

In this special edition of Het Schrijfpaleis VR scripts will be read by actors. During a normal session of Het Schrijfpaleis (the writing palace) two or three scripts are read. Experienced or novice, famous or unknown authors. Scripts which are still under development and which means that reading can be made the next step in that evolution.

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