tim milliron

Tim Milliron

VP Engineering, Lytro

Tim Milliron is Vice President of Engineering at Lytro, where he leverages his broad experience in computer graphics and cloud computing to drive engineering across […]

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Stefano Baldassi


Stefano Baldassi is the Senior Director of Neuroscience and Analytics at Meta. His research focuses on human visual and multi-sensory interactions with the world; which he believes are the foundations for most of our behaviours.

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Aldis Sipolins


Aldis is a VR evangelist and lifelong videogame nerd. He combines a background in virtual reality, cognitive neuroscience, and game design to enhance performance.

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Michael Gourlay#1

Michael Gourlay


As principal development lead, Dr. Michael J. Gourlay works at Microsoft on AR platforms like HoloLens. He was previously software architect and lead engineer at Electronic Arts (EA Sports). He wrote the visual effects system used in EA games worldwide and patented algorithms for interactive, high-bandwidth online applications. With his visionary research including quantum mechanical systems and massively parallel supercomputer design, it won't get cooler any than Michael’s session.

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Boo Aguilar#4

Boo Aguilar


Boo Aguilar is a fresh wind that comes blowing in from one of the most creative cities in the world, São Paulo. A developer, futurist and researcher of human-computer interaction processes, he breathes technology and creativity.

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Samantha Gorman

Tender Claws

Samantha Gorman is a writer, artist, curator and educator. Her work combines text, cinema, games, virtual reality and scholarship about digital media. She is the co-creator of Virtual-Virtual Reality. In our opinion one of the best things we’ve seen at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. A work of rhythm, lightness, fun and poetry, after seeing it our hearts opened and we saw a bright light on the horizon.

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