Première & Awards Night

A spectacular night with premières and project launches. On this night, the Halo Awards‘ winners will be announced, along with the results of last years’ […]

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Expert Tracks

This year, the three expert tracks to be tackled are around: Media, Arts & Entertainment Healthcare & Education Enterprise Solutions Within these verticals, experts will […]

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On Thursday October 25th, the major conference kicks off the day at the DeLaMar Theater. The cream of the international VR & AR world is coming […]

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Philosophers’ Salon

Just as its name states. The Philosophers’ Salon is an inevitable gem of the program because questions, as always, were raised and thoughts awakened. Join the […]

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In collaboration with the International Film Festival of Rotterdram(IFFR), CineMart is about giving a hand to content creators for their next step. A jury of VR, […]

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VR Meetup Summit

Going on for the third edition at VR Days, the VR Meetup Summit is the European community’s nucleus encircling all VR/AR/360 Meetup organisers, Conference organisers, […]

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Writers’ Room

This year, we are collaborating with London’s National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio and its brilliant minds for the Writers’ Room. Storytelling in VR is in […]

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At the VRackathon, teams of experts examine challenges issued by companies and non-profits alike. These challenges can be of a social, commercial and/or artistic nature. The […]

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BASE Investor-Event

Organized by VRBASE and in partnership with Colopl Next, Gumi, The VR Fund and Seedcamp, we welcome on stage a highly curated group of EU’s AR/VR startups looking for Seed & […]

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Church of VR

Eager to see the top AR/VR/MR creative content that was released this year? VR Days’ curation team and advisors are busy all year round, intricately looking for […]

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