Anne Barnhoorn

By Sandi Djoulfian on October 16, 2015

Anne Barnhoorn (1982) is a scriptwriter with its own distinctive style. She strives to translate modern society with all its excesses to internationally recognizable stories with a tragicomic style. For the Dutch VR Days Anne will write her first Virtual Reality screenplay.
Anne graduated in 2008 at the Film Academy with the well-received film URGE. For her screenplay for the film AANMODDERFAKKER Anne received a Gouden Kalf award in 2014. The film also won Kalf awards in the categories ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Film’. In early 2015 Anne received the Golden Pen for the screenplay of the film JACK BESTELT EEN BROETJE, which was seen by more than 100,000 visitors.


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