Attending demos

By Sandi Djoulfian on October 27, 2015
Demo Company
Toy Plane Heroes Oasis VR
Beloola Beloola
Let’s Journey Into The Metaverse VRSPACE
Porco Grande Porco Grande inc.
VR Photography C360.NL
Fantasynth HelloEnjoy
Virtual swordfighting Passer VR
Virtuele bezichtigingen Funda Real Estate B.V.
Amani – 360VR film for Terre des Hommes Revolver Amsterdam
Wow Virtual Reality rdesign
Cinematic VR Productions + Apps Purple Pill VR
Extreme VR by Bivrost Bivrost
Mobile Cave LAB4242
Build your own VR App Smart2IT
VR Spacewalk + Arachnophobia IgnisVR
A Virtual Tour of The Secret Annexe Anne Frank House
The swing Happy Ship
Virtual RealityVideo yondr
The Magic Flight locomotionVR
EpicDragon VR Agharta Studio
Epic VR Films PolarEffect
Hoverboard VR Quince Amsterdam BV
Thousand Face NFA
AVROTROS – Muziek Cafe VR Owl
Volo Airsport Ramjet Anvil
Manus – Virtual reality DataGlove Manus VR
Speech Center VRARlab
A Breathtaking Journey Cas Ketel & Martijn Kors (TU/e – HvA)
Amikasa VR INDG
Virtual Archery VRConcepting
All – IN dutch vr
The Marchland The Shoebox Diorama
Cardboard AR and VR World of VR
Audi VR Experience App DigitasLBi Amsterdam
VR Create PlayAlong TV
Horror Movie enCircle
Samsung Gear VR Samsung
Virtual Gorilla VR Gorilla
VR Trauma Therapy Triple IT
VR Music Video What do we care 4? WildVreemd
Pro Football tool Beyond Sports
ROOM 01 Capitola
Your Serious Radio – Virtual Radio NetherlandsĀ Institute for Sound and Vision
The Cube CiRCA69
Future of VR Reallifefilm GmbH
Jaunt VR demo Jaunt VR
Educational Cinematic VR Mirage3D
Hieronymus Bosch VR Experience VRX
Immersive learning TinQwise
MOVR 360 Rest and Relax in VR MOVR

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