November 4, 2016

Expert Sessions & Professional Expo

Can’t get enough?

The conference is complemented by useful Expert Sessions and Workshops at VR Base. Plus a vist of the Professional Expo at VondelCS.

These little gems of knowledge-sharing go even deeper and are completely dedicated to your specific needs.

Dive into a certain matter for 1.5-4 hours and gain full control of the following topics:

Business: What about the ROI? The business reality of AR/VR

Music: VR and the implications for the music industry

Sports & Live Entertainment: How Mixed Reality will change everything

Healthcare & Therapy Seminar: How VR can improve human lives

The Workspace: How VR will change the way we work

Advertising: How VR will change the way we market and buy

Construction: How VR will impact architecture and the construction industry

Nokia OZO – hands-on: Camera workshop

Tell a short story in VR: Create a fictional short in VR with Ashes to Ashes

Creating a VR Game: How the hell do you do this? And what the heck about UI in VR?

Professional Expo:

On the 2nd day of VR Days we open the doors to our Professional Expo at VondelCS pavilion in Amsterdam, the epicentre of VR Days Europe.

VR and AR are the fastest emerging technologies we have seen in decades. We are at the brink of a revolution and you and your business can be a part of it.

The demos in this relaxed “gallery” environment offer a deeper understanding what will happen when VR and AR is applied to B2B or industrial settings. Ambitious companies will help you to experience their innovative applications, you will get to meet the creators and be inspired of how to use the latest technologies to scale your business to the next level.

All Access tickets will get you into 2 Sessions or 1 Workshop or the Healthcare Seminar, plus a visit of the Professional Expo.

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