Intern Social Media & Marketing

Job description

Your role is to co-develop the social media and marketing strategy, maintain the website, Facebook page, Twitter account and other PR related matters. You work directly with a senior marketer and the festival director. You take initiatives to be active on social media. You write newsletters and create cool visuals to accompany all media expressions.

The job is for 3-5 months, starting immediately. It is for 4-5 days a week.


You are digitally savvy, fluent in all social media, have a feel for language and know how to hit the right tone. You are interested in innovation, new technology and VR, and want to build a relevant network. You’re precise, on time and dare to take the initiative. You’d rather risk making a mistake than take too little action.

Required experience

Starter level.


HBO (Netherlands) or college.

What we offer

The second edition of VR Days is happening this autumn. The biggest, most interesting and fun VR event in Europe. The event takes place in Amsterdam and Utrecht in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, VondelCS, AVROTROS, RTL Z and Bright. You will meet many people and expand your network.

You’ll work in a great environment, the VR Base at the Marineterrein, but also in the former film museum in the Vondelpark, where the festival takes place. You get the opportunity to develop a marketing and social media strategy. You will get to know the world of VR and will be an expert in about five months’ time.




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