Media, Arts & Entertainment

Uncover the latest emerging content in the Media, Arts, and Entertainment track within in-depth expert sessions and workshops that will shed lights on the challenges we face today.

They fall under the following paradigms:

Location Based VR

Arcades, Installations, VR Cinemas, Holodeck VR

Volumetric Video

Light field, High-Res 360 streaming


Spherical storytelling vs Player Stories in VR


From branded content to original IP, Scriptwriting for immersive videos, Acting in VR

Content Creation 

Creators’ tools, Illustrations in VR, Creating AR content, etc.

Business Models 

How to fund creative content, How to become big in China, How to monetize content, etc.


Can a VR museum be real?

*Note that these are highlights of the bigger program that’s to go live soon.


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