Barbara Lippe

Dubbed “Björk of Virtual Worlds” by the press, Barbara has always been a visionary tempted to conquer the unknown: developing virtual worlds, virtual idols and social games before the rise of the genres in startups based in Tokyo, Vienna and London.
Her creative urge lead her to graduate from a UK acting school and finding pleasure in performing Shakespeare on West End stages.
As a video-game-art-director-turned-actor and PhD in game studies she bridges interactive and dramatic principles in a unique way. By mixing both the trickery from games and theatre her aim is to bring drama to VR way before technology is really there.
She is currently Founder and Creative Director of entreZ, a VR company developing the next-gen formats of entertainment.
The trailer for the award-winning 3D 360 pilot for ADA/M, the first VR drama series for a TV audience world-premiering at mipcom in Cannes, is shared for VR Days Europe here:
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