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Beyond Care

Beyond Care
Impact through technology
Technology can be a catalyst for change. But the question on how we can put VR to good use and really make  a difference in bettering peoples lives, remains a difficult one if your company doesn’t have access to available knowledge and relevant research.
We’ve been co-researching the subject with the University of Utrecht, Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam for over the past two years. And there is actually a lot of other research available and accessible from other institutes as well. For now, we have been going through the motions of translating that research and those insights into successful products such as Beyond Care and Beyond Sports.
Existing knowledge and expertise on the subject becomes is ever more relevant for both our – and your business. We’ve been surfing on the wave of VR for over the past two years, which allows us to build fast, validate quickly and implement the available research into actual products.
With VR for example: we now can improve treatments in efficiency, cut waiting lists and distract patients from pain by making treatments more endurable. We can even treat people with PTSD’s in VR. The possibilities seem endless. What we would love is to bring you on our continuous journey to impact humanity by sharing knowledge and by making better use of both existing and new technology.

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