Joris Weijdom

HKU University of the Arts

Joris Weijdom is a researcher and designer of theatrical experiences using mixed reality technology. He is the founder of the Media and Performance Laboratory (MAPLAB) which enabled from 2012 untill 2015 practise led artistic research on the intersection of performance, media and technology. He works as a researcher at the Research Centre Performative Processes and teaches at several BA and MA courses at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Joris is always looking for the ‘inter’ in everything: inter-disciplinarity, inter-connectivity, inter-action and inter-faces. He learned from experience that sharing ideas and concepts through ‘sketching’ in an interactive mixed-reality environment is a powerful and effective approach for creative research, design and development. Being able to quickly manifest ideas through interactive spatial prototypes stimulates experimentation and possibly true innovation.

See his latest ‘Keynote: Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future’ on the relationship of Theatre and VR.


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