phil tippett

Phil Tippett

Tippett Studio

Phil’s talents in stop motion animation, modeling and practical effects have produced some of the most memorable moments in feature film history. From Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, to Jurassic Park and many other films over his 40+ year career, his ability to combine practical effects with developing technologies has made him a master visual effects craftsman. He is a great mentor to the artists working at his studio in Berkeley, CA, and an inspiration to the VR community.

Phil Tippett has been working on his Mad God film for over twenty-five years, and is now exploring his surreal and nightmarish world in another medium. Through a partnership with the VR production studios Kaleidoscope and Wevr, Tippett and his team have made Mad God VR, a 2-minute VR experience that puts you among the sculpted puppets of the Mad God world. In his talk Tippett, will explain how the experience was made, and why stop-motion animation for VR isn’t just like filming 360-degree video.


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