Philippe Bekaert

Philippe Bekaert is professor of computer science at the University of Hasselt and staff member of the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) in Diepenbeek, Belgium. His research aims to create a new form of computer graphics which are not of synthetic 3D models departs, but the filmed reality. Omnidirectional ( “360” or “VR”) video is (just) a first step in that direction. Attention is paid not only to the many fundamental issues that must be resolved before, but also to the realization of potential applications and the marketing thereof.
Philippe is the creator and developer of image technology was at the core of the performances of the technological theater company CREW (www.crewonline.org, artistic director Eric Joris). The aim is to achieve a new form of theater, which literally puts the viewer centrally in a more intrusive way than ever before. He recently co-founded a startup company AZilPix that marketed a completely new concept for video recording and production (www.azilpix.com), and the bridge between conventional and VR video.
(photo © Debby Termonia)

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