Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg explores and melts virtual and physical worlds together. He develops, researches and predicts the possibilities of Virtual Reality.

Robert gives lectures at different universities and conferences like: Yonsei University (Seoul), Kaist, (Seoul), Emerce (Amsterdam), Next conference (Hamburg), ICEC (Trondheim), SXSW (Texas), MIT (Boston).


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Bettering Peoples Lives Through VR

What if the main goal of our industry would be about bettering people’s lives. The great thing is, we ...

Expert session

Seminar: Improving Lives Through Virtual Reality Therapy

This program is a half day seminar on impact VR has on psychological therapy and medical rehabilitation. Before the break ...


Serious VR

In this panel, Skip Rizzo, Rus Gant and Edward Miller will discuss the the way VR is radically transforming the ...

Expert session

How Mixed Reality Will Change the Face of Sports and Live Entertainment

How can we connect the world between fans and professional athletes in ways that fits a completely different generation of ...


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