stefan vogelzang

Stefan Vogelzang


For more than 10 years Stefan Vogelzang is an entrepreneur and professional in VR-experiences, photography and brand identity. As co-founder of the first VR-production company in the Netherlands with over 7 years of global experience, his company booked international succes and won several prizes. By choice, he likes to fill his day connecting and inspiring people as motivational speaker during company events and he is also guest lecturer in ‘New Media’ at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. From a marketing-perspective Stefan is always looking for creating added value and simply creating beautiful things for beautiful companies. While doing so, the process and journey towards the end result is just as important as the result itself! Good preparation is an requirement, creativity is a must!

Expert session

Seminar: Improving Lives Through Virtual Reality Therapy

This program is a half day seminar on impact VR has on psychological therapy and medical rehabilitation. Before the break ...


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