Tim Moelard

The Virtual Dutch Men

Tim Moelard is VR developer at The Virtual Dutch Men. He graduated specializing in Edutainment at the Academy of Creative Technology. His creativity is inspiring; he is an indispensable team player with great knowledge on the technical aspect of developing virtual reality content. Given his wide interest in new concepts and innovative technologies he developed a natural passion for virtual reality. Tim plays an important role in the vibrant international VR community. He and his team created numerous virtual reality experiences for various clients in the field of architecture, engineering, education and entertainment.

Description The Virtual Dutch Men:

The Virtual Dutch Men is a tradename for the Virtual Reality department of ArchiVision Digital Imaging bv since September 2014. ArchiVision Digital Imaging bv was founded in January 1995 as a 3D Studio that creates 3D presentations for different kinds of industries but most known for their architectural presentations for the Dutch building industry – always looking for new innovative technologies in the world of 3D for their clients. Since the Kickstarter of the Oculus Rift, ArchiVision was on it from the start.

They can be seen as one of the early adaptors of this new generation of VR technology, especially in The Netherlands. Because of their international reputation, ArchiVision decided to introduce an international brand: The Virtual Dutch Men. The Virtual Dutch Men develops innovative Virtual Reality Experiences for B2B and the clients of their clients, in various sectors of economic and technological interest.


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