wim veling

Wim Veling

University of Groningen

Wim Veling works at the UMCG, Department of Psychiatry, where he is psychiatrist and head of the department Psychoses. He is assistant professor at RUG/UMCG. He is also chairman of the Dutch Early Psychosis Association and leads the work group Multidisciplinary Guideline Early Psychosis. Veling was trained as psychiatrist at the Parnassia Group in The Hague. He obtained his PhD in 2008 with the thesis “Schizophrenia among Ethnic Minorities –¬†Social and cultural explanations for the increased incidence of schizophrenia among¬†first- and second-generation immigrants in the Netherlands”. Until 2014, he worked as psychiatrist at Parnassia Center for Early Psychosis. His line of research concerns the social context of psychiatric disorders, with focus on psychiatric epidemiology, global mental health and virtual reality applications in mental health. He received a ZonMw Veni grant for his research of virtual reality in psychosis.


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