Momchil Alexiev

Cinematic VR

Filmmaking and Virtual Reality? When cinema steps out of its domain and enters the territorries of VR, the relationship between these two separate terms sets forth a qualitatively new discussion. Where do we draw the line between “guiding” and “orienting” the spectator? What do we mean by “immersiveness” and “development of cinematic ideas in space”? Where does this put the debate on authorship today? Join us in a workshop which brings together the practice and the theory of filmmaking in VR and that invites you to reframe the here and now of fiction storytelling.

Momchil Alexiev will be the teacher of this workshop. He invited Simon Wilkinson to join him as a guest speaker via Skype. Simon Wilkinson’s work incorporates audiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, and online and performance mediums, often combining all of these approaches in order to immerse audiences in experiences which invite critical analysis of consensus reality.



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