Expert session

Landfall: a Retrospective of Force Field’s First Oculus Rift VR Game + User Interface Panel

Company: Force Field VR, Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Little Chicken

This session looks back at the development of our first VR game “Landfall” – a first-party exclusive title for Oculus Rift. All disciplines are discussed with a slight focus on design and art.

During this session we will have a  panel which will discuss the creation of User Interfaces in VR games. Past experience does not translate directly when making a VR game, iteration and experimentation is key. Therefor now ways of navigation and user interfaces need to be thought out – hear the experts talk about they struggles as well as their solutions and learn a great deal about UI in VR.


Force Field is one of the world’s largest development studios dedicated solely to developing state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), creating high-end games, innovative TV & video content, unique interactive experiences and groundbreaking applications. In this somewhat technical session they will show you how they created their first VR game, talk openly about the hurdles they have overcome and share valuable insights.

Force Field’s mission is to create platform defining content for VR & AR, killer apps that will help shape these new systems and the endless possibilities they offer to both consumers and businesses. To this end, Force Field is partnering with several of the leading hardware companies in the field of VR and AR hardware & technology to deliver showcases for their respective devices.

Force Field is currently busy creating a range of spectacular content VR & AR and is looking to partner with more game publishers, movie studios, TV networks and corporations to create best in class products and services for this new industry.


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