Expert session

Directors Get Ready for the Future – Next Level 360 Video

In this session GoPro’s Loïc Baillaird and Jelle Kolleman team up for a special expert session for ADCN members and VR Days participants. Together they make a great mix because in order to make a great VR 360 video, you need to understand the technical do’s, don’ts, options and best practices.

From a technical perspective they will give you a quick explanation of:

  • Camera placement and on location / during production things to think about when shooting 360.
  • Demo of the Omni importer
  • Stitching the sequence together in AVP, checking the control points in APG
  • Using the Premiere plugins to patch the Nadir and import a flat image into the sequence, adaptation of a bumper / logo into a 360 environment
  • Reframing for broadcast in a traditional flat video

Jelle Kolleman will enlighten us with his insights in creating great and compelling VR 360 productions.


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