Documentary Making

With the invention of every new medium – from print to photography to cinema – non-fiction storytellers have always been at the forefront, experimenting and developing its creative potential. Virtual Reality is no exception — a point best illustrated by the fact that Palmer Lucky started building the Oculus Rift while working as an intern for immersive journalist (and Godmother or VR) Nonny de la Peña. Today, journalists, filmmakers and non-fiction artists all around the world are exploring VR. What are some of the best examples out there? Which tools and approaches are best suited to create a virtual non-fiction experience? How can we capture reality in new ways and go beyond simply making 360 videos?

To explore these questions, IDFA DocLab and Dutch VR Days invited VR Pioneers Specular Studio, Alexander Porter and Julia Irwin, to develop a workshop that provides hands-on practical experience with VR documentary storytelling and computational photography.

Julia Irwin and Alexander Porter

Julia Irwin and Alexander Porter

For the workshop, Julia and Alexander encourage you to bring your souvenirs and the stories they represent to the workshop. During the workshop, wou will learn how to use a camera as a 3D scanner to document objects for display in virtual reality with a technique called photogrammetry. We will record interviews describing the stories behind them to be combined with the objects in navigable virtual reality experience.

IDFA DocLab is the New Media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. It is the largest celebration of the documentary genre in the world. The workshop results will be presented at the 28th edition of IDFA, from 19-29 November 2015 in Amsterdam.


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