2nd Annual EUVR Meetup Summit

Going on for the second edition at VR Days, the Annual EUVR Meetup Summit is the European community’s nucleus encircling all VR/AR/360 Meetup organisers, Conference organisers, VR/AR related Associations and Incubators/Accelerators.

Community builders who have established a tight network in their respective countries will share their stories and insights. The aim is to build a bridge in between all active VR/AR communities. And furthermore, to inaugurate the bigger European community with open routes for communication, resources, and solutions for challenges that were met along the way.

This edition we would like to invite Universities, Startup Networks, Investors, (Institutional) Funds and Government Institutions to join the conversation.

Let’s make the community bigger by shortening the distances. Are you one of the industry shakers we’re looking for? Shoot us your details here.

Call for joining the EUVR Meetup Summit.


Part 1: Community presentations by EUVR, VRAR Association and VRBase

Part 2: Roundtable discussions


This is an initiative from Daan Kip  (VRBase), Dominic Eskofier (NVIDIA), Doede Holtkamp (VR Days/VRBase), and Juan Bossicard (Impulse.Brussels) under the umbrella of EUVR.

*Please note that this is an invite-only meeting.

*Please note that a VR Days ticket is still required to join the event. 

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