Will Gaming Be the Main Driver of VR and What Needs to Happen to Make This a Reality?

Company: freelance, Innerspace VR, Force Field VR, NVIDIA

The 3 leading high-end consumer Immersive VR devices on the market right now, namely Oculus, Vive and PlayStationVR, are all targeted at gamers and started life as gaming VR devices. Will it continue to be the main driver? Apart from the obvious killer gaming apps, what else needs to happen to make this a reality?

This panel will emphasize on high-end Immersive VR devices clearly aimed at gamers as well as the much higher install base and lower price-point Mobile VR devices (Google Cardboard, Daydream, GearVR) again showing trends (just like mobile apps) of games as one of the leading content. We will discuss what is likely to happen when consumer level Mixed Reality (Hololens, etc) competes for the consumer’s head space soon? We already have Mobile Augmented Reality that just works without any head mounts and already proven popular in its most basic AR form on Pokémon Go.

What needs to happen in the content space? If not gaming then what else or what else is already equally popular?

Moderator: Kish Hirani.


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