Expert session

HoloLens Explained

Company: Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, SAP

Augmented Reality is gaining more and more attention in the public sphere. But how can it be applied in the various spaces of business? Imagine a factory operator who – instead of monitoring various dashboards and a 2D flat screen – now has the ability to place a 3-dimensional copy of his actual operating plant in front of him and monitor the behavior of machines and processes in this immersive space. Seamlessly, the factory operator is now able to see and compare daily status reports and trigger actions such as repair notifications and procurement. The Microsoft HoloLens in combination with SAP business applications enables this scenario already today.

In this session, Microsoft ‘user experience evangelist’ Martin Tirion talks about everything that’s happening around Microsoft HoloLens, ‘the first fully self-contained, holographic computer’. You will get an overview of the device, and an explanation of its purpose as well as the considerations when building applications for it.

Moderator: Franklin Heijnen.


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