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Seminar: Improving Lives Through Virtual Reality Therapy

Company: University of Southern California, University of Groningen, CaptainVR,, ViemR, , The Dolphin Swim Club, The Dolphin Swim Club, CopenReality, VU University Amsterdam

This program is a half day seminar on impact VR has on psychological therapy and medical rehabilitation. Before the break we will start with a session called Advanced Medical Rehabilitation, after the break we continue with The Transformation of Psychological Therapy. Each session will consist of three 20 minute presentations by an academic researcher, a company that works in the field and a recent project. After the three presentations a panel with the three presenters, an industry expert and an academic researcher will follow.

Session 1: Advanced Medical Rehabilitation

  • Wim Veling – University of Groningen (20 min.)
  • Stefan Vogelzang – ViemR (20 min.)
  • Benno Brada and Marijke Sjollema – Dolphin Swim Club (20 min.)

Industry panel (30 min.)

Session 2: Transformation of Psychological Therapy

  • Skip Rizzo – University of Southern California
  • Robert Overweg – Beyond Care
  • Dana-Maria Faneker – CaptainVR

Industry panel (30 min.) including Mark van der Gaag.


In the panel the following questions will be central:
  1. Where do we see the applications of VR going?
  2. Do we need more trials and if so, how do we conduct trials on a larger scale?
  3. How do we roll this out on a large scale and what are the cost and benefits if we do so?

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