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Expert session

Live Stream VR in Broadcast Quality

Company: Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), AZilPix, Immovator

The introduction of new head mounted displays for VR have created an increased demand for 360 and VR video content. Streaming 360 and VR content to VR devices remains an enormous challenge for broadcasters; the simultaneously demanding requirements on resolution, bandwidth and latency, such as 8k pixels per eye, 90 frames per second and below 20 ms motion-to-photon latency, have stimulated research and development into new capture and streaming methods.

In this expert session, we consider requirements for high-quality VR video streaming and focus on a number of so-called viewport-adaptive streaming technologies that have recently emerged.

Part of the session also discusses the capture and stitching of 360 and VR video. World renowned Philippe Bekaert will tell about the many fundamental issues that must be resolved before, but also to the realization of potential applications and the marketing thereof.

Moderator: Mir Wermuth


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