Live opera & VR

Opera & VR – Exploring the Potential of Theatrical Experiences

Company: WildVreemd, HKU University of the Arts, JauntVR, National Theatre, entreZ

Are you curious to see new outcomes of opera, theatre and VR? Join our audience program from 14.00hrs.

Are you a maker yourself, join our PressureCookerBrainstorm, starting at 11.00hrs.

What is needed to take VR to the next level?


What would VR hardware be without content? What’s the type of content VR actually has been developed for? And what’s “good” content for VR?

At VR Days we aim to stimulate businesses and creatives alike. Let’s dig deep into our rich cultural heritage in order to learn from the past to encounter the new.

Virtual Reality is a unique live and embodied experience. Theatre has experience with immersion, presence and interactive storytelling for more than 3000 years! That’s why we have a strong focus on theatre and performance this year. Last year VR Days married the old and the new medium to create a unique cross-over theatrical VR piece. This year, we move on to the pinnacle of performance arts: The Opera with the try-out of the VR opera Weltatem. We will also present an interdisciplinary PressureCookerBrainstorm around performance & VR.

In order to truly innovate VR as a new medium the industry needs people from theatre, dance, opera, film, games and other creative fields to work together to explore its potential. This is why we organize in this year’s VR Days Europe edition a special interdisciplinary program, focusing on questions on interactive VR productions in context of theatre and performance. Experts joining us include Toby Coffey and Barbara Lippe.

You can experience inspiring examples of cross-over theatrical VR experiences yourself in the mini-exhibition (with a special try-out of the VR opera Weltatem), hear presentations and discussions by professionals from different fields and witness the outcomes of the pressure cooker brainstorm program. Several interdisciplinary teams present their fresh concepts for interactive mixed reality experiences to the audience and a panel of experts. This program is organized by WildVreemd in collaboration with Joris Weijdom (HKU).

Are you a creative innovator, designer and VR visionary yourself coming from theatre, film, games or other fields of expertise please become a participant in our special pressure cooker brainstorm session and bring VR to the next level! Check the call for participation and subscribe.

Sunday 6th of November
11.00- 11.30 Registration pressure cooker program
11.30- 16.00 Pressure cooker program
14.00 Walk in public program and mini-exhibition theatre and vr
14.00 Weltatem VR Opera Experience (De Reisopera/ Het Geluid/ WildVreemd/ Monobanda) register here:
14.30 Weltatem VR Opera Experience

15.00 Weltatem VR Opera Experience
15.00 Opening Plenary Program; Presentations of projects, panels, discussion.
15.30 Weltatem VR Opera Experience
16.00 Presenting concepts to panel and general audience (+ Q&A)
17.00 Drinks


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