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Company: WildVreemd, HKU University of the Arts, JauntVR, National Theatre, entreZ

Are you ready to bring VR to the next level?

VR Days Europe: Call for participation

PressureCookerBrainstorm program Sunday 6th of November 2016

Virtual Reality is booming: the technological developments, the amount of impressive high-end entertainment productions and the variety of applications in different fields are accelerating.

But we all are far from knowing what the full potential of this new medium can be, in perspective of storytelling and creating truly meaningful experiences. This is what this day is about.

In order to truly innovate VR as a new medium the industry needs people from film, gaming, but also theatre, dance, opera and other creative fields to work together to explore its potential. Virtual Reality is a unique live and embodied experience. This is why we organize in this year’s VR Days Europe edition a special interdisciplinary program where theatre, performance and VR meet.

Are you a creative innovator, designer and/or VR visionary coming from theatre, film, games or other fields of expertise? Please become a participant in our special PressureCookerBrainstorm session and bring Virtual Reality to the next level!

In this PressureCookerBrainstorm you are challenged to design a concept for an interactive mixed reality experience. You can choose the context: 1. A (large) theatre venue 2. The VOID Virtual Entertainment Centre or 3. Everyone’s living room. The concept needs to take into account the role of the physical body, the physical and virtual spaces in which it is present and the notion of live-interaction with somebody or something real and/or virtual. At the end of the day you’ll present your concept to a panel of international experts. And maybe there are possibilities for the next step!


The program of the PressureCookerBrainstorm will consist of presentations from inspirational speakers and demonstration of artistic case-studies, structured brainstorm sessions of several interdisciplinary teams and moments of plenary presentations and feedback sessions. At the end of the day each group will pitch its concept to a panel of experts and the general audience.

Duration: 11:00 – 17:00. Drinks from 17:00 onward

Cost (including lunch, drinks and the inspirational program): 35 euros/ 25 euro for students

Want to join the pressure cooker brainstorm? Send an email with your background and short motivation to


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