Expert session

Sound in VR

Company:, Big Orange
This expert session will address audio-related topics that VR (film)makers deal with.
What is the role of audio in VR, what is different in VR, what are the possibilities and techniques?

In VR, if there is a disconnect between the visual elements and the audio – it cannot really count as a fully immersive experience. However, the audio resources are still limited for VR: where do you hide the microphones on set, and how can you see your mixing console with goggles on in post production? Also all major VR platforms (Facebook, Jaunt, Oculus, Samsung VR, Youtube, games and apps) have their own audio formats with associated limitations.

Henk and Vincent will both share and discuss how they’ve approached audio for their latest VR projects. Beginning with pre-production, followed by the hick-ups, creative decisions, do’s and don’ts, to the final export for different VR Platforms.

Photo by © Fraunhofer IIS


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