phil tippett
Expert session

VFX & Post-Production

Company: Tippett Studio, The Mill, Ambassadors, Purple Pill

Special effects studios like The Mill and Tippett Studios create the ‘asset builds’ of major blockbuster films and TV shows. So it makes sense that those studios are the first to work on the same assets when it comes to (promotional) VR productions. These VFX shops are well-trained in crafting digital assets, and innovation and creativity are at the core of their existence. This is one of the major reasons effects studios are suited to VR.

There has long been a tradition in VFX for artists to get their hands dirty, to innovate and find solutions to on-set and post-production problems. That same ingenuity is required in the nascent VR industry. 

This expert will feature none other than Phil Tippett, who made the times you spent watching The Empire Strikes Back and many other great movies so engrossing. Phil is bound to bring back some of those memories, but make no mistake, he doesn’t live in the past. Phil Tippett, at 65, is a man of the future, and therefore of VR. He will talk about the making of Mad God VR, his amazing stop motion VR production.

Moderator Diederik Veelo (Ambassadors), Jarrad Vladich (The Mill) and Thierry Pul (Purple Pill) will join Phil and talk about their productions and focus in on the post side of VR.



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