VR City

Company: VR City
The creation of 360-videos involves shooting with multiple cameras, a different approach compared to conventional video, and an innovative overall process. The editing of 360-videos requires an in-depth knowledge of the hardware used in the making as well as variety of specialized software for video editing, after-effects, post-production, etc. Our company offers end-to-end services, tailored to the VR industry including: script writing, directing, project management, professional 360 photo and video in high-quality format (4K), audio engineering, professional actors and narrators (if needed), special effects, post-production, complete final product, demos, event management, marketing and advertising. Here are a few examples of some VR potential applications, as well as collaboration opportunities: • Marketing, Advertising, Media • Real estate, Hotels, Offices, Industrial • Shopping malls, Stores • Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bars, Clubs • Events, Concerts, Music videos, Film industry • Culture, Tourism, Education • Auto, Moto, Dealers, Showrooms • Sporting events, Extreme sports, Games, Competitions Having a professional background of more than 18 years, we understand that each client and project are unique and require an individual approach. Contact us today and let’s create your first VR experience together! For more information, please visit our website at www.vrcity.bgPleas

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