Expert session

VR in the Workspace – B2B VR Applications

Company: Océ, Vroom Training, AnotheReality, Force Field VR, SAP

Virtual reality (VR) has long been full of promise, but mass-market immersive experiences such as Pokemon Go! trade in augmented reality, not virtual reality. Until now, any serious applications have been limited to simulation technology for military uses or institutional prototypes, or vertical applications such as flight simulators.

Will your 2020 workspace – or 2016 workspace – need to support new technology like virtual reality? It is already being used in broad industries:

  • Real estate – to walk through homes
  • Movies – to promote the latest blockbuster film
  • Military – for training simulations
  • Education – for field trips (see Google Expeditions)
  • Healthcare- to train doctors on difficult procedures and for patient care

And many more applications for the workspace are developed – these will be discussed in this interactive session.

Expect an inspiring case by SAP and a presentation by Willy de Jong of Océ.

Océ created an inspiring industrial service training in which virtual reality is used to conduct a service product training.

Due to competitive pressure industrial companies, like Océ-Technologies, are forced to improve their time to market for new products and services.

In order to realize this, product development and production processes should be optimized using the latest state of the art technologies. Organizational changes are necessary, process steps should be conducted in parallel, instead of sequential to reduce time.

In Germany this is called ‘Industry 4.0’, in The Netherlands it’s called ‘Smart Industry’.

Important enablers for this transition are the new Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality technologies. By using these technologies, it becomes possible for organizations to act as if products already exist, while they actually still are in a design or development phase.

In this expert session we will show an Océ case, in which virtual reality is used to conduct a service product training.

Moderator: Marco van Herpen.



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