VRackathon kickoff

Company: VRappstore
VR App Store CEO Robert Breton will kick off the 60-hour VRackathon. Five multi-disciplinary teams will create VR and AR prototypes. The kickoff is the last moment they will see daylight before they go down into the abyss of VR and AR creation.
The teams will create prototypes based on the following concepts.
Theme 1: augmented morality
Theme 2: VaiR
Theme 3: VR fireman
Theme 4: Virtual tombs
Theme 5: 360 degree movie Wake Up World
Theme 6: augmented reality
The prototypes will be presented on Saturday 5 November at 5PM and the grand prize will be revealed. But remember – we are all winners. The VRackathon brings together AR and VR developers to put a positive dent in the universe and make a difference!

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