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We at VR Days Europe are proud to be official partner of an epic initiative by VR App Store: the VRackathon. Together with On Air Media & Entertainment and the Amsterdam Maker Festival we aim to bring the brightest VR and AR developers together in November so we can leave a positive dent in our VR universe.

In August we’ve developed six challenges at Amsterdam Maker Festival with fellow hackers. Now we want you to take them on during VR Days!

The Six VRackathon Challenges 2016:

  1. Augmented morality
    An AR concept that lets the user know where their money is being invested (at the point of sale).
  2. VaiR
    A content VR distribution platform for airlines that enables developers to generate relaxing VR content for passengers, to thwart on-board aggression and propogate peaceful traveling.
  3. VR firefighter
    A mixed, fully immersive AR and VR game about being a firefighter and saving lives. Everyone wants to be a hero, so let’s build a game where the player gets to:

    • Level 1: Basic firefighter. Train in basic first aid and how to become a firefighter. Real life exercises will need to be completed and a first aid certificate will be obtained.
    • Level 2: Man the pumps. Learn the basics about fire engines and combatting fire
    • Level 3: Firehose outside. Man the hose outside and learn about structural safety and rescue
    • Level 4: Firehose inside. Man the hose inside and learn how to save lives in a burning building.
    • Level 5: Rescue diver. Take a diving course and learn about saving drowning people.
    • Level 6: Fire chief. Learn about situational awareness and how to interact with other services like police, ambulance etc.
  4. Virtual tombs
    Augmented reality: Utilising spatial software we’ll build the ability for individuals to create virtual tombs where people can choose to commemorate their loved ones in their own way, anywhere they go.
  5. Wake Up World
    A 360-degree movie with various scenes shocking the world into understanding we all hate violence….by role reversal…..picked from the scenes described by the hundreds of participants at this year’s Amsterdam Maker Festival.

Want to make a difference? Apply for one of our VRackathon challenges to become a team member: vrackathon@vrdays.co


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