Get inspired

Re-thinking Reality

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. You can stand back and watch what’s happening or get involved. VR Days likes to bring over the doers and thinkers that are currently shaping VR and AR, the people who are inspiring us all to create to the best of our abilities. The adventurers and pathfinders who are shaping the future right now.

Get tips and tricks from the best content creators. Hear them speak at the conference, meet them at the bar of the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam and let them take you on a journey. Find out how they think VR is going to change the way we work, live and love. Then go out and change the way we work, live and love.

VR is having a massive impact on everything from healthcare to advertising, education, entertainment and communication. There are fascinating developments in Asia, South America and the US as well as Europe. The international speakers at VR Days are there to share everything you need to know.


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