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Tim Oliehoek

By Sandi Djoulfian on October 14, 2015

Tim Oliehoek (1979) attended to the Dutch Film and Television Academy when he was only 18 years of age. His admittance was secured by having shot his first two-and-a-half hour action movie ‘BUY OR DIE’ prior to his arrival at the esteemed university. Not only did Tim already poses an uncanny ability for film making but he received a generous amounts of press for his past and future endeavors. Tim ultimately graduated in 2001 with the film ‘ISABELLE’ based on the acclaimed novel of Dutch author Tessa de Loo. This film was nominated for a Tuschinski Award and won a Student Award at the USA Film Festival.
After many different film project his first family movie ‘THE AMAZING WIPLALA”, based on the book by famous dutch writer Annie MG Schmidt was released in late 2014. The movie was embraced by many film critics and, in December, it received The Golden Film Award.


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