5 Essential Tips for a Successful Virtual Event Exhibit

From 4th to 6th of November, the 6th edition of VRDays Europe will be held in Amsterdam and in the Laval Virtual World. On this occasion, the team imagined a 100% virtual exhibition space. Exhibitors can book a booth, just like during a physical event. But exhibiting virtually can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, we have some tips for you to get the best out of VRDays 6!

For several months now, virtual events have been very successful, in the time of a pandemic crisis. Today, virtual spaces seduce a lot of organizations and companies who want to continue their activities and businesses. Moreover, universities and schools also find their interest in virtual platforms, such as Stanford University in VirBELA. These platforms have proven to be the best solution to host virtual events.

In April 2020, the Laval Virtual World gathered the XR community for 3 days on the VirBELA platform. For its 6th edition, VRDays wants to build on this success to launch its own virtual events. This time, we are offering the possibility to exhibit for our very first virtual trade show! But exhibiting at virtual events is a bit different. Be sure to be prepared before the big day! 

1. Familiarize your team with the spaces (and dress up virtually!)

As for a physical event, it’s important that your entire team is ready and well prepared. Before VRDays Europe 6, make sure all of your co-workers have downloaded the VirBELA platform and created their avatar. Don’t forget to customize your look, and maybe even suggest a dress code for your team ( green shirts, cowboy hats… anything is possible!). 

Once this is done, the next thing you can do is to locate the spaces. The Laval Virtual World is a large space, with many rooms and places (even a beach and a lighthouse!). To prepare your virtual adventure in the best way possible, organize a tour with your whole team. Identify where your booth is, where you can meet participants and do networking, and where are the host spots. One more thing! In order to make the event accessible to the entire world, the Laval Virtual World is open 24 hours a day. So make sure to determine a shift schedule.

2. Create a buzz!

One important step is to make sure people know that you are exhibiting at VRDays Europe 6. Virtual tools are once again the key. Share your excitement on social media, using the official hashtag #VRDays. If you are not inspired, the VRDays team has concocted some phrases and a visual digipack for your social networks. 

You can also send a newsletter or even contact potential prospects by email. Let them know you will be at booth A23 in exhibition hall B20 in the Laval Virtual World from 4th to 6th November. And don’t forget to send them the link to download the VirBELA app! 

3. A virtual warm welcome

In a virtual world, it’s more difficult to attract visitors. In real life, visitors walk around the exhibition hall and it’s much easier to grab their attention with eye contact. So you have to find another way to catch their interest. Preparing a programme of small conferences and workshops can be a solution.

Invite visitors to come to your booth to meet a XR superstar, or to discover your latest VR/AR product. Organizing a short presentation every hour will make people come back regularly to your booth. During the Laval Virtual World, Microsoft prepared a 3-day conference programme with 80 speakers. Needless to say, it was a success. You can be Microsoft too!

4. Glam up your booth brand!

What is great about virtual worlds is that you can do anything. There are no limits, including for your booth. You have the liberty to customize your booth as you want to, without thinking about the cost. In the Laval Virtual World, the booths are equipped with spaces where you can put images, videos, and even website pages.

So prepare your most beautiful HQ logo and your high-impact videos. It’s important that participants recognize your company at a glance. Plus, your booth will stand out from your neighbor, and virtual visitors will stop to know more about your products.

5. Make real time conversations

That’s it, this is the big day! Thousands of visitors are walking around the Laval Virtual World, discovering the many spaces. But how can you attract them to your booth? One direct solution is chatting. Put on your best sneakers and cross the entire virtual world to meet participants. You can open your mic or simply use the chat box. 

Moreover, VRDays provides a mobile application, Imagina. It allows you to see all the visitors, speakers and exhibitors of the event. You can contact them to invite them to your booth or book a one-on-one appointment by using one the meeting rooms available. 

Are you ready to enter the virtual world now? This trip is brand new to many people, but here at VRDays, we have the best technical team to help you have the most exceptional journey.

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