6 questions about VR/XR – Boo Aguilar

Boo leads projects on the intersection of technology, philosophy, science and arts, transitioning in topics like (bio)engineering, AI and Nanotech with partners and clients who are leaders in those fields.

1. What are the most inspiring aspects of your work in XR?

We can make any teenager understand deep concepts like genetherapy by using awe and scale. This teenager might be curing diseases in a few years, being the best neurosurgeon the world has seen or some other contribution. The power to positively impact any life like that is wonderful.

2. What is the most promising, exciting development now happening?

Nothing in the realm of XR. I’d say biotechnologies like Crispr-CAS9. But we can use XR and AI to help communicate those concepts and to help researchers visualize data in novel ways generating overview effect. XR as a medium for purposeful missions.

3. What is the blind spot in XR, something that people seem to overlook?

 Battery and GPU’s. A recent promise is to use blockchain based ledgers to decentralize graphical computing and allow a new generation of miniaturized glasses.

4. What areas in XR have the biggest growth potential and why?

The areas that use XR as a tool for a bigger purpose, not the areas that produce the basis for XR (XR channels, hardware and content are just the base).

5. Where will XR be in five to ten years from now? 

Miniaturized, replacing our cellphones as lightweight hmd. Ending offices as we know it, changing school, behaviors and creating a new culture.

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?

Just lots of Love, see you soon <3


Meet Boo at:

Boo Aguilar’s presentation at VR Days Europe
Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and XR – Distributive Cognitive and Immersive technologies as a blank canvas to augment our minds and help our kind transcend and evolve

Excerpt presentation
The next generation of human-computer interaction will radically change the way we interact with one another, with other computational systems, how we buy and sell, how we create and produce, how we research, and how we perceive the world and affect it. This session aims to share a few of the projects we’ve been working on with partners like IBM, HTC and Unity to accelerate this change, + other technologies to keep an eye on in our road to transcendence.



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