Creative Potential vs Privacy

Emergent Technologies as a means of infinite creativity or an engine for extinction


Emergent Creative Technologies, infinite creative possibilities, privacy, protopia and dystopia. 

New narratives as a technical, artistic and philosophical battleground for the future of humanity, or to its doom. Creativity is always in movement and re-inventing the ways we tell stories. Beauty is a restless entity. The kinds of experiences, stories, activities we can create are unprecedented. However the potential for abuse and control and manipulation and deceit by unethical players will also be unprecedented. Is society ready for this?  

Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are rolling out their plans for XR, AI, ontological data layers, Brain Computer interfaces, biometrics, eye tracking and many different new spatial computing systems, that masses despite all the downsides, can’t wait to have access to.  In the panel, 4 globally awarded directors discuss creative and distopic potentials that emerge together with those new tech layers. 


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