Creators’ Corner

November 5-6
Streaming Conferences
(Accessible via Imagina App)

Immersion is part of virtual reality’s DNA and the holy grail of any user when living a VR experience. It’s the feeling of being physically present in a full-digital environment. The higher immersion, the more present the user feels in this non-real world. Crafting immersion represents a challenge for VR/AR creators today, as it requires technical, creative and psychological skills.

VR headsets are one way to immerse yourself in a parallel universe, but they are not enough. One important thing to think about is mental presence, how a user dive into a storyline. Storytelling is the key! A great VR story is more compelling than anything. But making great art for it is not a piece of cake.

At VRDays Europe 6, the best Art Directors explain embodiment and how to drive the audience in a VR narrative using design. How to immerse your audience as an active character in the narrative? How artistic challenges can overcome technical constraints? How to conceptualize and produce visual content on the different platforms and its restrictions?

The Creators’ Corner will educate you on acquiring the technical, creative and psychological skills to create VR experiences that matter. The production pipeline of creating VR/AR experience is tough and is not a standardized set of steps. Discover how Art Directors work and what tools they are using to create their art. After the 10 scheduled sessions, you will be amazed by the possibilities of VR and the innovative and creative ways Art Directors find solutions.

Creators’ Corner Topics:

Making VR with just design… madness? Martin Allais
Pagan Peak VR: From Spectator to Protagonist Ioulia Isserlis & Max Sacker
True stories in virtual reality — creating VR for mainstream audiences Victor Agulhon & Chloé Rochereuil


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