Cross Tech – From AI to 5G and Blockchain to Immersive Tech

November 4-6, 2020
Live Streamed

We are living through a revolution. Industry 4.0 has digitalisation and smart, autonomous systems as its core. Emerging technologies such as AI, 5G and VR are radically disrupting markets, from media and finance to manufacturing and healthcare. At VRDays Europe 6, Crossing Borders, we explore the hottest tech trends of the moment and ways to use them together to enhance their potential

Artificial Intelligence will contribute up to $15.6 trillion to the global economy by 2030, predicts a study from PwC. The applications are unlimited and we will dive into them at VRDays 6 Crossing Borders. Assistants like IBM Watson or Alexaare already popular among users and Self driving cars are a hot topic that is around the corner. It goes much further in the field of healthcare. AI-powered diagnostics can use a person’s medical history to track any changes that  indicate a potential health condition, but at what costs? Ethics regarding privacy of sensitive data and safety are a matter of concern. How do we protect our data whilst offering contextualised  and customised information to the users?

At VRDays 6 Crossing Borders, we bring together creators of the hottest technology trends of the moment to showcase their use cases. Discover how to design fully personalised customer experiences using AI and XR. Join Crossing Borders to find out how 5G and the Cloud are bringing immersive technologies closer to consumers. 

Enter the world of unlimited possibilities and emerging technologies. At VRDays 6, we cross  borders to the future of communications. 

Cross Tech Topics:

Mergereality: a future vision of immersive computing with gestural interactions Wu Shengzhi
From Fighter Pilots to the Factory Floor – Data Driven insights in Virtual Reality Niall Campion
The AI + VR blend: How AI is redefining VR Training Dimitri Pirnay
Touchless Technology: The Virtual Approach to the COVID-19 Challenge Jonny Codling


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