Enterprise XR

November 5-6
Live Streamed

Immersive technologies are an attractive solution for enterprises as they are constantly trying to increase productivity while reducing costs. One of the challenges is training employees: how to obtain a good retention rate without spending too much money? How to invest wisely? Virtual training and simulation can be super efficient and very cost effective when executed properly.

Virtual training and simulation can give companies a competitive advantage. With VR, we record a 80% retention rate, against 20% when using traditional methods. One of the other main advantages is that immersive technologies provide a safe environment for work. That is why prevention and safety training is particularly fond of immersion.

Virtual training is an indispensable factor for companies and institutions that want to be prepared for the future. But where do we start? At Enterprise XR, VR/AR suppliers of virtual training & simulation tools will show their best solutions for industrial applications.

Discover the best European industry use cases of virtual training and simulation in industry with carefully selected partners. All the VR/AR solutions presented at Enterprise XR can upgrade the work environment and effectiveness. Practical use cases will help you understand the benefits of virtual reality in industry.

How to choose the most appropriate equipment that meets your needs? Should you use virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality? How much does a virtual training cost? Speakers will give specific guidelines to help any companies deploy immersive technologies.

Enterprise XR Topics:

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Augmenting the Operator 4.0 Doris Aschenbrenner
The Basic Rules of UVC Decontamination Amy Hedrick
Driving the next evolution of VR Jay Fraser


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