Eradicating Sexism

Authors: Alexandra Hussenot, Joanna Popper, Jeremy Dalton

XR is a man’s world, but it doesn’t have to be. Three key players offer valuable advice for women (and minorities) in the industry, to help them find their footing.

PwC helps organisations understand, quantify the benefits of and implement XR solutions. Jeremy Dalton takes care of the XR team, which is composed of creative technologists and business consultants.

What does a diverse team look like and what are the benefits?   

‘Our team currently has a 40-60 female/male ratio, 30 percent has an ethnic minority background, and our ages range from 18 to mid-40s.

Some of us went to university, others in our team came straight from high school. As a result, everyone in our team brings a different perspective to the table, so that we have a beautiful melting pot of creativity, business sense and technical skills.’

How do you stimulate diversity and inclusion within your company?

‘The value our XR team places on diversity and inclusion is fuelled by PwC’s values as a firm. We partner with organisations such as UKBlackTech, who help us reach a diverse range of candidates.

PwC’s Women in Technology group launched the Tech She Can Charter in 2018 to increase the number of women working in technology in the UK.

PwC has been voluntarily publishing its ethnicity pay gap data since 2016 and has had a clear data-driven diversity and inclusion action plan in place for a number of years.

Recently, during a live webcast for our people discussing Black Lives Matter, our chairman announced a series of measures to turbocharge our efforts on racial equality in the workplace.’ 

How do you achieve success in XR as a woman or a minority?

‘Find an organisation that values you as a person and the high-quality work you can deliver. Once you find that home, you’ll be comfortable being yourself at work, your creativity and productivity will improve, and you’ll be in the best possible position to build a successful career.’

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