What part of the event is physical and what is virtual?

The whole event can be seen virtual. However, on the 4th of November there are 200 passes for those that want to attend the Vision & Impact Conference physically in Amsterdam. 

What happens to my pass if the hybrid conference needs to cancel? 

Should our hybrid event be cancelled then you will still be able to attend the online/virtual festival and we will refund the difference between a hybrid ticket and full pass.  

Where can I download the media materials of VRDays?

All our media materials are ready to use here.

How can I upgrade my ticket? 

It is not possible to upgrade your pass. If you wish to change your pass to one that gives you access to more content, you must purchase a new pass, and we will refund your previous one.

Please note that this only works in case of a pass upgrade.

How do I request a refund?
1/ send an email to Stéphanie Poupard: spoupard@laval-virtual.org
2/ attach to your email the purchase confirmations of your passes (the new and the previous one).

We will reimburse you via the ticket office by crediting the amount to your bank account.


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