Future of Storytelling

November 5-6, 2020
Live Streamed

Our stories develop together with us. We tie together, by sharing experience. From personal stories, to the common history of nations, from social movements to common beliefs. Common narratives are now closer, more personal. In times of social distance, finding ways to stay connected is fundamental. 

The Coronavirus situation has put us all in the context of social distancing. Separated from our close ones, we had to find ways to remain connected.

The Future of Storytelling is about sharing immersive experiences with each other. How can we see and feel the same, when we are apart, by using XR? How does XR contribute to tying us together through immersive storytelling? How can content creators distribute and monetise immersive experiences? 

At Future of Storytelling, content creators talk about how XR challenged them to reinvent the way they create stories.

In immersive storytelling, the user is the mastermind of the action. Through interaction, they offer meaning to the events. Immersive content creators develop new worlds; so real that we forget the outside exists.  

Our bodies become part of the story. We feel the action with all our senses. Haptic touch, smell,AI  interaction – the future of storytelling lies in designing a multi sensory experience.

Future of Storytelling brings together leading storytellers and artists to talk about their immersive creations. Discover the process behind designing the new world of storytelling, from the idea to the final sensory touch. Find out more about the distribution platforms of immersive experiences. 

Last year, speakers included Tupac Martir, the Creative Director of Satore Studios, the creator of the Emmy award ‘Wolves in the Walls’, Pit Billington and Kiira Benzing from Double Eye Studio .

A new world emerges. Uncover Future of Storytelling at VRDays Europe New Horizons. 

From the diversity perspective, it’s really great in panel and audience. I was surprised to see finally women are there in the techie world. It was amazing, the quality of the artists.

Carole Grendon, Philips AI artist

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