GlobetrotterVR takes you on a trip to explore the world

All you can think about right now is going on a trip in a country far away? You want to explore the world and go from city to city? GlobetrotterVR has the solution to meet your enthusiasm. Thanks to its virtual tours, you are now able to walk around the streets of your favourite towns. A way to keep discovering new places from the comfort of your home.

GlobetrotterVR is a startup that wants to bring back travelling into our lives. Its mission is to revolutionize the way we plan and live our trips. With the current international situation, GlobetrotterVR is trying to put back exploration at the center of our preoccupations. 

Travelling… from home

Trying to take you on a journey without moving from your couch: that’s a tough challenge! GlobetrotterVR has imagined a new kind of virtual tours. Let’s be honest, we are all tired of Zoom calls and being static behind our screen. The virtual tours offered by GlobetrotterVR are provided by real qualified and professional guides, who know everything about their city. During the tour, you listen to the guide of course, but you have the possibility to interact with him, ask questions; regain that real social link that we have somewhat lost.

For now, GlobetrotterVR is only offering one virtual tour. “Secrets of Barcelona” will take you on a tour to discover an “infinite number of mythical spots and stories lay hidden in this magical city”. Want to explore Barcelona’s darkest secrets? Online visitors can watch the tour on demand or book a live tour with a real guide. Dive into an “interactive 360° environment, enriched with original photos from the 1800, 3D models and newsreels from the early 20th century”.

New parts of the world to come

Alongside, GlobetrotterVR is preparing other virtual tours to discover other corners of the world. From the ancient city of Kurion in Cyprus to the Kruger Park in Africa, explore the past or appreciate the beauty of our planet today. You can also dive into the ocean at the heart of the Coral Triangle, to admire the underwater universe and learn about the reefs’ importance in the global marine ecosystem.

The best part of GlobetrotterVR’s journeys? No need to pack your bags days before! To join the professional guides, all you need is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The virtual tours can also be experienced through a VR headset, if you are looking for a fully immersive experience.

Start travelling today