Halo Awards 2017

Halo Awards

The Halo Award or Halo’s is an award for AR, VR, and MR projects. Halo’s goal is to shine a special light on outstanding European works, performances, projects and the creative people that produced them. The works will be rewarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Halo.

Each year one ‘Diamond Halo’ will be given to the the best among the Golden Halo’s, and the audience will vote online for the ‘Heavenly Halo’.

The Halo Awards’ ambition is to set the standard for quality works and to unite the VR, AR, and MR community in passion, excellence, and innovation.

Apply to Halo Awards.



Participation:  Participants will enter the Awards through our application form.

Nomination:  Excellent works are nominated by the crème de la crème of the VR/AR/MR world in a round of nominations where they will be notified if they got in.

First round: October 18, 2017

Winners:  A specialised jury of industry experts will assign prizes and announce the winners during the Awards Night on October 26th.

People’s vote:  The audience will vote online for the ‘Heavenly Halo’.



Awards will be awarded in the following categories;

Note that you can enter in a maximum of 3 categories within the same entry.

Best Narrative Fictional Experience
Best Interactive Fictional Experience
Best Game
Best Branded Experience

Best Documentary or Journalistic Experience

Creative Accomplishment
Best Visual Art
Best Sound
Best Performance
Best Interactivity

Best Education & Training Application
Best Healthcare Application
Best Enterprise Solution

Best Tech Innovation
Best Upcoming Talent
Best for the Soul


The jury

The Halo Awards will be judged by the brightest minds in VR, AR, and MR.



Winners will be announced at the VR Days 2017 Award Night on Thursday, October 26th.



The application for The Halo Awards costs €149 .
Please keep in mind that entries after the 10th of October will be dismissed.


And note that 

  • Joining the Halo Awards will give access to the closing Award show only.
  • Participants can buy tickets with a discount. Contact info@vrdays.co for more information.



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