HALO Awards

The Halo Awards or Halo’s are awards for augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects. The goal of the awards is to shine a special light on outstanding creative and innovative works, performances, projects and the great people that produced them. The works will be rewarded with a gold, silver or bronze Halo.

The Halo Awards ambition is to set the standard for quality works, to unite the VR and AR community and to promote VR and AR in the broadest sense.

Halo Awards 2018 Winners


  • Gold: “Dinner Party” by RYOT
  • Silver: “Klimt’s Magic Garden” by Filmbäckerei
  • Bronze: “Anne Frank House VR” by Force Field Entertainment


  • Gold: “Beat Saber” by Beat Games
  • Silver: “Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition” by Vertigo Games
  • Bronze: “Anshar Online” by OZWE Games


  • Gold: “Alien Zoo” by Dreamscape Immersive
  • Silver: “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” by Europa-Park, Mack Media, VR Coaster, EuropaCorp and Holodeck VR
  • Bronze: “PolygonVR” by Neurogaming


  • Gold: “Anne Frank House VR” by Force Field Entertainment
  • Silver: “Borderline” by Assaf Machnes
  • Bronze: “The Last Chair” by Pieter van Huystee Films

Creative Accomplishment

  • Gold: “Where Thoughts Go: Prologue” by Thought Co.
  • Silver: “Eclipse” by BackLight
  • Bronze: “Jurassic Flight” by Birdly and Somniacs


  • Gold: “Tunnel AR” by headraft
  • Silver: “Tussock Jumper Wines” by AR4REAL and Doruk Eker
  • Bronze: “AH Tech” by &samhoud media and &ranj