The Next Museum

November 5-6, 2020
Live Streamed

The time for looking at culture and history from behind a showcase is gone. XR walks people through the lives of ancient civilisations, make them feel the social context of a community or put them in the shoes of an artist.

At The Next Museum, we will look into how museums use immersive technologies to reinvent themselves and stay relevant for future generations. 

When incorporated into exhibitions, immersive technologies can guide viewers through an interactive and novel experience. By using AR, you can add additional layers of information and details to a creation.

It has been experimented by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Google Arts and Cultures made the first step in making the world’s top museums available from your own homes. By partnering with major cultural institutions (such as Natural History Museum London or MoMA New York) Google created an impressive database of virtual museum tours. 

Speakers at The Next Museum will look into digital archives. Through this process, curators can decrease the negative impact of  handling fragile pieces and preserving them from deterioration or destruction. 20 million artifacts from the National Museum of Brazil  were lost in 2018 in a fire. They are now available only in AR. Immersive technologies contribute to keeping history alive. 

Find out the impact of digitised archives in preserving cultural and historical heritage. 

Discover the new face of art, culture and history, at VRDays Europe 6, The Next Museum

The Next Museum Topics:

Using XR to Communicate Science in Museums Thierry Benoist
TBD Michael Reiner
TBD Nataliya Velykanova
Blockchain based Digital Art in a Virtual Reality world Artur Sychov


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