New Horizons, XR for Everyone

This year, everything is different. VRDays is going virtual, with live streaming conferences, the Immersive Funding Market on Zoom, the Church of VR in VR, and a virtual trade show in the Laval Virtual World. Be ready to live the most immersive event of 2020. 

This year VRDays is more than just digital and virtual; VRDays will also be in your house! How? The New Horizons, XR for Everyone magazine, of course. It’s a physical, non-virtual, totally real magazine, sent directly to your doorstep by the VRDays team. 

You are not an XR professional? Don’t worry! This printed magazine is for everyone and anyone. Because we believe in XR for Everyone, we curated amazing for you and your colleagues, partner, friends and roommates. Everyone can learn and benefit from the articles in it so keep an eye on your copy, someone might steal it!

The XR for Everyone magazine features interviews, editorials, the 6th edition programme and a map to put proudly on your fridge. This magazine will bring you so much knowledge that you will become an XR expert yourself. Be part of the future with VRDays Europe.

Grab your magazine.