Alex Steinkuhle

Axel Steinkuhle is Design Strategist, Future Landscapers and since 2015 Co-founder & CEO of Evrbit Gmbh, an edge technology start-up from Cologne, creating stunning multi-user AR, VR, and multi-screen group experiences. Since 1999, the designer has been exploring the possibilities of digitalisation in Arts and also in small and huge cooperates. For him it is clear: digitalisation should be experienceable for all and above all be suitable for everyday use.
The foundation stone for this he laid with his own Virtual Reality Sync Software “eVRsync”. It is already used by Samsung, Porsche, Bayer, Telecom, Red Bull . This allows not only massive synchronised VR Cinemas, but also enables school teaching to a new level and makes the sharing of data processes easier. The next litter is an Intelligent Bot System to distribute information across the world.
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